Asset Protection Planning

Protect Your Assets Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Asset protection planning is a legal process in which we create a legal structure to protect our high net worth clients’ assets and wealth. There are many different options available depending on the type of assets, their value, and other factors. We can use both domestic and offshore tools that can provide you with the exact protection you require.

Our asset protection planning structures are typically tax neutral, which means our clients typically do not recognize any tax benefit from an asset protection plan.  Our structures are meant to be transparent and must be reported both to the IRS and US Treasury Department; they are not an effective means for “hiding” money offshore.  Asset protection planning almost always must be done when a client is not subject to or under the threat of a legal action of any kind.  It is unlikely that an effective asset protection plan can be established for an individual who is already experiencing trouble from one or more creditors, so it is imperative that high net worth individuals undertake this type of planning before any issues arise.

Our law firm will work with you to learn which asset protection vehicles are right for your specific case. Our common sense legal efforts will help ensure your assets are available to you when you need them, but are protected from future creditors and other threats that may emerge down the road. Contact us to learn more about the importance of asset protection, and how our legal services can help you to protect your hard earned money and other assets.