Mediation/ Arbitration

Effective Dispute Resolution

When there is a dispute between businesses, or between individuals and a company, many people are not aware that a lawsuit is not the only viable option. The fact is that lawsuits are costly for all parties involved in terms of money, risk, stress, time, and other resources. In almost every case, a better alternative is to use mediation or arbitration services to help resolve the dispute.

Mediation is an effective type of dispute resolution that brings all parties together, along with a neutral third party, to discuss and negotiate a solution. If an agreement can be made, the details will be written down and signed so that it becomes a legally binding agreement. This process can be completed far more quickly and affordably than going through the courts.  As a North Carolina Superior Court Certified Mediator, Chris Clark can effectively and efficiently help resolve such disputes.

If you are engaged in a business or legal dispute, contact us to see if mediation or arbitration might be a good option in your case. We’ll be happy to discuss your options and facilitate the resolution of virtually any potential disputes.