CrowdFlower Completes One-Billionth Crowd Judgment

According to their own press release, CrowdFlower recently announced the completion of the one-billionth "crowd judgment" on its platform.  CrowdFlower refers to itself as the "leader in crowd microtasking". What exactly are crowd judgments and crowd microtasking?  Using CrowdFlower's platform, a crowd contributor can "judge" a variety of "microtasks".  In practice, this takes the form of determining whether a search Read More

Crowdsourcing genetic data

According to Rajaie Batniji's recent article, earlier this month, researchers and advocates from 40 countries formed a global alliance to enable the secure sharing of genomic and clinical data.  The potential benefits of sharing this type of data are significant, however concerns are being raised that there also may be serious risks. On the plus side, using an open innovation approach could help scientists unravel Read More