GiGSE – The Rest Of It

Turns out my GiGSE was far busier than I expected and I didn't have time to properly document the second and third day. The key points I took away from it were (1) legalization is coming to the US, and soon; and (2) Europe is moving more and more toward a framework of country by country regulation. In my view, point number 1 is good in that it is a long overdue step in the right direction, however I am not Read More

GiGSE Day One – Morning Session

The morning panels at GiGSE on day one focused on US State and Federal regulation on online gaming.  There were a variety of views put forth, however the various panelists and experts were unanimous on one thing: the question of legalizing online gaming in the US is one of when and how, but not if. The venue, The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, is a fantastic venue.  My only criticism so far is that they only offer Read More