Daily Fantasy Crime?

For daily fantasy sports sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel, 2014-15 has been their moment.  They have been making money hand over fist and people haven’t yet figured out that probably aren't going to win.  If you are somehow unfamiliar with these sites (such as not having been in front of a television for two years) the basic premise is to allow customers to participate in daily or weekly fantasy sports contests Read More

Remember California?

Lately a lot has been written about the regulated jurisdictions in the US (New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada) and the online gaming battle going on in Pennsylvania.  Has everyone forgotten about California?  For a while there, all signs pointed to California being one of the leaders in US online gaming legalization.  Then the tribal interests and land based operators and lotteries and legislators all got involved and Read More

Does the NBA Know Something We Don’t?

Bleacher Report recently published a lengthy article suggesting that many might soon be wagering on NBA prop bets nightly "should sports betting become federally legalized throughout the U.S. and the NBA develops a wagering structure for fans in arenas and at home".  What???  Sources involved with the situation stated that the NBA has been in recent negotiations with several global sports betting companies, which Read More

Resorts Gets It

Land-based casino owners (well, at least the ones who aren't dumb jerks) seem to have finally turned away from the "old" way of thinking (circa the mid to late 2000s) that online gaming is a threat to their business.  Most of them have gradually been dragged (some kicking and screaming) into the 21st century way of thinking, which is that brick and mortar casinos can leverage online gaming to expand their business. Read More

What's the "Ultimate" Las Vegas Casino?

What's the "Ultimate" Las Vegas Casino?  For some of you Las Vegas veterans (or residents), names like Bellagio or Caesar's might immediately leap to mind.  Some might say Wynn or Rio, or relative newcomers like Cosmopolitan or Aria.  All are fine properties of course, but thanks to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, all eyes should be focused right now on Station Casinos. Station Casinos owns Ultimate Gaming, which, Read More

Meet the New Barton Bill, Same as the Old Barton Bill

Two years ago to the day, I first shared my thoughts on the "Barton Bill" - a bill that was introduced to the US House of Representative by Texas Republican Joe Barton.  The Barton Bill aimed to legalize online poker at the federal level in the US.  In case you didn't read my post on the subject from two years ago, to be overly simple and brief, I had concerns.  My concerns were irrelevant - the Barton Bill Read More

If At First You Don't Succeed …

If at first you don't succeed, even if it costs you over ten million dollars and forces you to file a lawsuit, try try again!  That's PokerStars' motto when it comes to trying to obtain a New Jersey online gaming license. In round one, PokerStars teamed up with Atlantic Club Casino and Hotel.  Without rehashing the details that led to the deal's demise, I will at least touch on the high points.  Atlantic agreed to Read More

Faire Attention, USA

Online poker in France is in trouble, and the reasons serve as a cautionary tale to US states considering legalizing Internet gambling.  If we don't learn from the mistakes of our European freres and soeurs, we are doomed to repeat them. Revenues for licensed online poker operators in France fell by 14 percent in the first half of 2013.  The two main factors cited as reasons for the drop are (1) heavy taxation, and Read More

The Tribal Empire Strikes Back

According to PokerNewsDaily.com, Thursday’s meeting of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs discussed the issue of online gaming, in particular poker, and presented a new twist in the ongoing battle for federal action regarding the subject. During the meeting, committee Chairman and Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka presented a draft of a bill that would allow the Indian gaming community to open up for online gambling Read More

Pay Attention, USA

One comment I have heard from European gambling regulators is that they fear the US will repeat a lot of the mistakes that Europe has made in the past decade of regulating online gaming.  As the old saying goes, those who do not learn from the mistakes of their European neighbors are bound to repeat them, or something like that. iGaming Business is reporting that the cross-party Culture, Media and Sport Select Read More