Trademark Law

Protecting Your Brand with Trademark Law

Our Trademark Law practice is here to help our clients devise and implement the right strategy to protect their valuable brands. In many cases, the trademarks of a company are among its most valuable assets, which is why it is so important to have the right legal protections in place.

Company owners often don’t realize that things like infringement or dilution of a mark, or being forced to rebrand a product (or even the entire business) can be extremely costly. For larger businesses, this can cost millions of dollars, plus the lost name recognition and goodwill of customers. To help avoid these issues, we represent our clients through all phases of the trademark process including selection/identification, clearance, prosecution, and maintenance. We can also provide portfolio management, licensing, and watch services for all types of trademarks.

It should be stressed that the right time to engage trademark counsel is at the earliest stage possible so that costly mistakes can be avoided.  If you have existing trademarks you want reviewed, you are facing a legal situation regarding a trademark, or you want to make sure to protect your trademark portfolio properly, we are here to help. Contact us to learn more, or set up a consultation with an experienced attorney.