Contract Law

Creating, Maintaining & Enforcing Business Contracts

Contracts are the foundation of most businesses, and a misstated term in a legal agreement can jeopardize the life of a company.  This is why ensuring that your business contracts are properly drafted is absolutely essential. Our contract law practice can help deal with all manner of business agreements. This includes employment contracts, sales and distribution contracts, independent contractor agreements, master services agreements, software as a service agreements, and countless others.

We can help you with every step in the contract process including negotiation, determining the nature of all contractual obligations, setting the limitation of actions, ensuring the freedom of contract, drafting, reviewing, revising and finalizing the documents. Seemingly simple matters often have unexpected legal details that must be properly addressed; we strive to bring the benefit of our experience to our clients in a thorough and efficient manner.

Please contact us to discuss potential contracts, have a contract reviewed, or prepare a new contract for your business.