CLARK.LAW | Trusted by Clients

At CLARK.LAW, our breadth of experience combined with our personalized service puts us in a class of our own. We are honored to have received compliments from many of our current and former clients. Below are testimonials from clients that have worked with us in the past.

“Working with Chris was easy and efficient. I would recommend him to anyone considering or actively pursuing IP for their business.” DC, startup founder

Easy and efficient

“Chris was referred to me by another lawyer. And I am glad he did. He was able to stop a potential corporate catastrophe for my company with one letter. It was so good it even scared me. I would recommend him to anyone that needed great and professional service. His client service is wonderful. He checks in every so often to make sure all is well and is quick to answer any questions you might have.” JL, executive at a national fabric cleaning company

A good referral

“In this transaction, Chris became a valuable asset for my protection.  I highly recommend him for anyone who has future business deals.  He brings compassion as well as expertise to the transaction.”  VF, Founder of a successful real estate agency

A valuable asset

“I was grateful for the referral to Chris.  He was exactly the right guy for this deal.  He did a great job.”  WK, Partner at a worldwide tax advisory firm

The right guy

Chris Clark has been an excellent attorney for our trademark work. He was always informative along the way as he guided us through the process of obtaining our trademark registration. He is a great attorney and very easy and professional to work with. I highly recommend him for your trademark needs and his firm for all of your business legal needs. He is friendly and courteous and has a great reputation in the community. I loved working with the him and would recommend him to anyone. JG, Executive at a Mid-Sized Company

Excellent attorney for trademark work and business legal help

I would highly recommend Chris Clark. He has assisted me in the fields of entertainment law and creative writing (copyrights/book authorship). He also supervised the creation of an LLC and Trademarks for my company. Working with Chris has been a pleasure. CC, Author and Musician

A knowledgeable attorney

Mr. Clark has been and continues to be a joy to work with- his excellent communication skills combined with thorough knowledge and experience of business and trademark law provide great confidence in each step of the process. I have worked with Mr. Clark for years and hopefully will continue to do so for many more! KD, Entrepreneur and Design Engineer

Premium lawyering at its best!

Chris has been representing me and my small business for the past five years. I have corporate and intellectual property issues that arise from time to time, and it is a pleasure working with him on these issues. He is probably one of the smartest guys I know (I’m a lawyer too, as are most of my clients/colleagues), yet very practical in his approach to problem solving. He provides me with options, but is not afraid to give an opinion when asked. I feel like we are collaborators. Moreover, he is eminently trustworthy. If he says he will do something, he does it and then reports back on status. MK, Entrepreneur and Consultant

Smart, practical and trustworthy counsel

Chris Clark was referred to me from a very trustworthy and nationally known businessman. He has been more than an attorney to me as an inventor/entrepreneur and has become a trusted business adviser. In the past, I’ve experienced less than acceptable service from lawyers, but Chris is different, knowledgeable and very attentive. His response time is almost immediate which has been critically important for a few of my business situations. I’ve also appreciated his calm, respectful, yet firm approach to difficult situations. Thank you Chris for being my confidante and attorney! KG, Inventor and Entrepreneur

More than just an attorney