4 Ways to Encourage Employee Innovation in Your Company

It has become increasingly clear over the years that overworking your employees is not a sustainable path to success. To the contrary, encouraging creativity and innovation from employees is likely to produce better results. Striking the proper work/life balance for your team has been shown to produce long-term positive outcomes and prevent employee burnout.

So how can you create a culture of creativity in your company? Attracting top talent and treating everyone with respect is high on the list. Here are four other ways to encourage employee innovation:

Reward Experimentation

The biggest opponent to creativity is the fear of failure. In school, artists are taught to “fail big,” meaning to fully commit to their bold ideas without worry about the public’s reaction. The same principle has value in the workplace. If an employee is excited about something, encourage that spark even if it might not work out. That will teach your employees that they can experiment freely.

Don’t Limit Yourself

It’s great to have a main focus in business, but don’t limit yourself to just one avenue. Look for ways to expand your output, whether it’s in related ways to your core business or in completely different avenues. If you focus on making IV trays, you might have a unique angle on making IV stands. You could also make incredible doughnuts and sell them out of the lobby. No company has to be stuck only doing one thing.

Encourage Breaks

Breaks are rejuvenating and clarifying; they often give employees a renewed focus. Encourage your employees to take breaks where they can throughout the day. You should also encourage your employees to use their vacation days, which data shows are going unused more than ever before. Employees tend to come back from vacation more excited about work than when they left.

Focus On Collaboration

Encourage collaboration within teams and between departments. Getting another perspective on an issue is often beneficial, and frequently leads to a better end result.

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