Structuring Nonprofits & Other Tax-Exempt Entities

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in our communities – both locally and nationally. As the name suggests, these entities are not meant to bring on extreme profits, unlike large corporations that exist to provide goods and services for max profits. A lot of good-hearted people seek out nonprofit work and eventually decide to start their own organizations to be a part of progress in the world around Read More

Recessions Present Unique Opportunities For Smart Businesses, Entrepreneurs

  As of this writing, U.S. economic indicators are mixed. Some show favorable trends, while others show troubling signs of a potential oncoming recession. Americans are struggling to make ends meet and communities across the country are in a housing crisis. However, it’s important for businesses to be prepared and maybe even take some lessons from the last recession just over a decade ago. Between 2008 and 2009 Read More

Every Business Needs a Thorough Understanding of Evolving Data Privacy Laws

We live in a digital world. We have for some time, but technology is changing faster than ever. This includes data privacy laws, which are evolving on a regular basis to reflect how businesses gather data and what they can do with it. Consumer concerns over data privacy are growing as well. A recent study showed that 63% of consumers have “concerns about sharing data” while 31% say they are “extremely concerned.” Read More

How Trademarks Can Unlock Your Company’s Untapped Potential

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not having a trademark strategy. There are companies, big and small, that have few or even no trademark registrations. Many companies whole do have trademark portfolios aren’t managing them properly. There’s a huge benefit to establishing and protecting your brand, and a huge risk of costly mistakes by not doing so. Your company should be aware of the power of Read More

Intellectual Property Law Adjusting to NFTs and the Blockchain

As digital technology evolves, so too does the world of investing. One of the latest waves in advanced digital technology is the world of “Non-Fungible Tokens.” Over $25 BILLION was spent on NFTs in 2021, and even with signs of those sales slowing and values dipping significantly, the world of NFTs appears here to stay. We could spend this entire blog trying to explain the nuances of NFTs and what a “Non-Fungible Read More

Why Nearly Every Business Should Care About the Corporate Transparency Act

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is a new anti-money laundering bill enacted by Congress. Rulemnaking for the CTA is being handled by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The CTA is aimed at taking out illegal business and financial practices such as shell companies intended to hide crime and corruption. In its current form, the CTA would implement reporting Read More

Medical Intake Forms – What did I just Sign?

The doctor’s office can be intimidating for just about anybody. Needles, scalpels, drills … but the most intimidating aspect could be all the paperwork. Medical intake forms are heavy on details, but we know most people don’t read through the documents and instead just fill them in and move on. Even those who do read them often find them hard to understand. So, what’s in there and what should you look out for? We’re Read More

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Smart Contracts on the Blockchain

Cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and the Blockchain. These are all popular buzzwords right now; you’ve probably seen them. Whether you currently work with and understand blockchain technologies or not, there’s reason to start gaining a basic understanding of what they are and how they work. Smart contracts in particular could soon have a big impact on everyone’s lives. Smart contracts are commonly Read More

Is a Verbal Agreement Enforceable?

In an ideal world, everyone would stand by their word. Unfortunately, we understand sometimes you might feel you have a solid “handshake agreement” with someone just to find out they never intended on standing by the agreement or went back on their word entirely. So, what are your options if you made a verbal agreement for a good or service but never it in writing? You might be surprised to know that most types of Read More

4 Business Leadership Mistakes To Avoid

Leading a business is hard work, especially in cutting-edge industries like healthcare and technology. Balancing the vision of the company with the day-to-day operations of the business and the well-being of your employees is difficult for anyone to take on. When the line ends with you, how can you make sure your actions are supporting the company instead of dooming it? As you lead the way for your company to Read More