5 Ways That Trademarks Can Help Your Business

Trademarks are one of the best and most underappreciated ways to boost your business. Much has been written about the ways that trademarks can help start-ups and small businesses – through cementing and sharing brand awareness – but less has been shared about the benefits for large companies. Perhaps there is an assumption that all big businesses are already utilizing trademarks, but we have seen firsthand that is not the case.

If you run a large business, you may not realize how trademarks can help an already thriving company get even more business. Here are 5 of the ways that trademarks can help improve your business:

Become Recognizable

The first benefit of utilizing trademarks is its main purpose: to help customers and clients distinguish your company’s goods and services from those of your competitors. Creating a trademark allows you to be recognized by others and establish your brand identity. In the process of getting your trademark registered, you will verify that your brand is unique and what you have to share with the world is all your own. The more brand awareness you can build, the more that customers will be more likely to trust your company and recommend it to others.

Explain Without Words

A unique logo can convey what you do without even having to craft a single sentence. Some things are better when they aren’t explained, and a trademark can help create a calling card for you that is not dependent on a catchy tagline or a paragraph-long memorized elevator speech.

Hiring Becomes Easier

The more brand awareness you build, the easier it will be to hire experienced employees. Adding legitimacy to your company with trademarks is one of the ways that allows you to be more often sought out and more likely to be respected within your field. Keep in mind that as a big corporation you are facing small start-ups that could be utilizing trademarks far more efficiently than you are. You could find yourself with less brand recognition than a company that is one tenth of your size.

Avoid Costly Issues

If you start using a product name (or even a company name) that is confusingly similar to a third-party mark, you may have to rebrand, and the cost of rebranding can be astronomical. That is to say nothing of the cost of having a trademark infringement lawsuit filed against you. You also lose all of that brand awareness you had been working to build up. Consequently, the absolute best time to start building your trademark portfolio is as you form your business. If you missed that time, today is a close second for the best time to get started.

Eternal Life

Unlike copyrights and patents, trademarks are valid eternally as long as you are actively using them in commerce and maintaining your trademark registrations. That’s right: your company’s trademark could outlive you by hundreds of years, so long as the mark is used in commerce all that time, and the appropriate paperwork is filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The mark Pepsi-Cola®️ was first registered in 1896, and it’s still around.

Where Do I Get Started?

Trademarks can be a major boon to big businesses, in many more ways than you might initially realize. For more information on finding the right trademark strategy for your brand, contact CLARK.LAW. We believe in data, technology, and efficiency when helping your business.

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