Two Recent Supreme Court Decisions Highlight the Narrow Pathway of Fair Use

Creatives have long relied on the Fair Use defense when using the work of others as direct inspiration for their own work. The Fair Use Doctrine can successfully be used as a defense to copyright infringement if you meet certain requirements. The Supreme Court recently analyzed the Fair Use defense in ruling in favor of two copyright holders after others infringed upon their work. In the case of the Andy Warhol Read More

Legitimize Implementation of NFTs Through IP Licensing

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs as they are more commonly known, create unique opportunities for businesses. The sale and exchange of these digital assets soared in 2022, to the tune of 101 million tokens sold last year. These transactions show that, despite skepticism, NFTs are gaining more mainstream acceptance. In business, companies are often using these as a marketing tool as much as they are using them as Read More

Do People Have a Right to Know When They Are Dealing with Artificial Intelligence?

We’ve all been trapped in the matrix of a company’s directory trying to find our way to a real human being. You sift through the various options, pressing 1 here and 6 there – only to get disconnected and try all over again. In many cases, however, businesses have found a way to transcend the phone version of connecting the dots into a new world that leaves callers questioning whether or not they’re actually speaking Read More

Who Owns What Artificial Intelligence Produces?

Swift advances in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) have sent shockwaves across the internet in recent months. Public access to AI chatbots and AI art programs have many believing we are on the brink of a major transition in tech. With these advances, however, come questions about authorship and its impacts on intellectual property. These new advancing technologies allow users to generate responses, Read More

When Should Startups Begin Raising Funds and How Much Should They Raise?

Are you in the throes of starting up a new venture? If not, are you considering it? Fledgling companies offer myriad possibilities that can shape our future. Every big business you know and love today had to start somewhere, but how well you navigate the complicated process of going from a small idea to an industry game-changer will either make or break your startup. Startups need capital to execute on their Read More

Are You a Good Entrepreneur?

Last month, we touched on the makings of a BAD entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a competitive field with people from all walks of life contending to create something special in the marketplace. We have seen people try and fail purely because they believed having a good idea was enough. Ultimately, there are elements every successful entrepreneur taps into to create and maintain success. Do you have what it takes to Read More

Are You a Bad Entrepreneur?

We are in the age of the entrepreneur. While there is nothing easy about finding entrepreneurial success, our economy provides ample opportunity to create something of your own and turn it into a successful career. An expanded field for entrepreneurs also means more competition. Time spent standing out from the crowd can give you the edge over others and catch the attention of investors, partners, and stakeholders Read More

Due Diligence Must Include an Intellectual Property Review

When two businesses come together and agree to an acquisition or merger, the next steps are crucial. You’ve both done significant legwork to get to this point – but much work remains. Even if you’ve already signed a term sheet and/or letter of intent, the due diligence phase of this process can alter the deal significantly. What we’ve found when dealing with mergers and acquisitions in the past is businesses often Read More

Considering Selling Your Business? Don’t Finalize the Terms Until You Have a Thorough IP Strategy!

You’ve built something with a lot of value. Your business has grown and now you’re ready to cash in on your hard work and dedication. Of course, you already know you’ll have to get “all your ducks in a row” before you can go to market and take offers on your business. One aspect that many business owners fail to consider prior to selling, however, is whether or not they have a thorough intellectual property (IP) Read More

Structuring Nonprofits & Other Tax-Exempt Entities

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in our communities – both locally and nationally. As the name suggests, these entities are not meant to bring on extreme profits, unlike large corporations that exist to provide goods and services for max profits. A lot of good-hearted people seek out nonprofit work and eventually decide to start their own organizations to be a part of progress in the world around Read More