CrowdFlower Completes One-Billionth Crowd Judgment

According to their own press release, CrowdFlower recently announced the completion of the one-billionth “crowd judgment” on its platform.  CrowdFlower refers to itself as the “leader in crowd microtasking”.
What exactly are crowd judgments and crowd microtasking?  Using CrowdFlower’s platform, a crowd contributor can “judge” a variety of “microtasks”.  In practice, this takes the form of determining whether a search result is relevant, whether an image is appropriate, or whether an address record is complete.  The power and wisdom of the crowd allows CrowdFlower to accomplish large (and for lack of better words, menial or tedious) jobs rapidly and reliably.
CrowdFlower uses microtasking to offer organizations of all sizes solutions for analyzing customer sentiment, improving the quality of search results, increasing the accuracy of maps, completing sales and marketing databases, creating accurate and understandable product descriptions, and more.  CrowdFlower’s claims over five million crowd contributors around the world who perform microtasks online.
In our view this is an ideal use of crowdsourcing.  The size of CrowdFlower’s “workforce” (as they call it) makes the service they provide highly reliable.  We’re interested in learning more and hearing more ideas about how a vast workforce like CrowdFlower’s could be further utilized.  What other examples are out there?

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