Everyone Must Comply with International Laws (except US)

Talk about a blast from the past – the 8+ year old ruling in favor of Antigua against the United States is back!
Hard to believe a place so peaceful and beautiful could kick America’s ass in international court, but that’s exactly what happened over eight years ago.  And Antigua isn’t letting anyone forget it.
According to CasinoAdvisor.com, the government of Antigua and Barbuda will be resurrecting its eight year old dispute with the United States. This announcement was made on February 15 by the Finance and Economy Minister Harold Lovell. The dispute relates to a judgment delivered in favor of Antigua by the WTO, which the United States has steadfastly refused to honor. The Minister said that in the coming days, the government would consult with appropriate officials and legal counsel to determine the best way forward for the people and the online gambling industry of Antigua. Antigua has a number of options at the WTO with which to push the recalcitrant American government into compliance. Lovell pointed out that Antigua had played by the rules and had earned a hard-fought and fair victory. He added, “It is high time that the United States do what it routinely expects from its own trading partners – comply with WTO law and rulings.” Last minute negotiations with United States officials also cannot be ruled out.
Antigua had appealed to the WTO that certain US federal and state laws making online gambling illegal were against the international agreements on trade. In a landmark decision, issued after years of negotiations, argument and dispute hearings, the WTO had ruled that these laws were discriminatory, inequitable and in violation of America’s international treaty obligations. The WTO had further ruled that Antiguan operators offering online gambling services to American consumers had been financially harmed and had asked the US to pay compensation. The dispute led to the US government unilaterally withdrawing from its WTO obligations concerning gambling.
Come on Uncle Sam, what gives?  One interesting aspect of this issue is the timing.  Wouldn’t it be fascinating if one of the driving forces behind legalization and regulation of online gambling in the US was Antigua applying pressure through the WTO?

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