How Facebook will Make Money

And lots of it.  According to PC Magazine’s John Dvorak, in the United Kingdom, Facebook is experimenting with legal gambling online by launching a real money online gambling app.  In the United States, Facebook hasn’t announced plans for any such gambling initiative, but I agree with Dvorak that someone is likely working on it now.

Facebook has been somewhat of a disappointment from the perspective of investors, who cannot see real revenue growth anytime soon from traditional advertising.  It could, however, become a juggernaut in the online gaming world.  It doesn’t even have to offer games that are very good – it’s membership base alone makes it almost automatic that it would profit from even the simplest online gambling offering.  Reaching nearly a billion users, Facebook should be able to rally the masses to promote gaming legislation that would benefit the company.
Facebook has seen how well the various Zynga games have done on the site. Now, just add a pure gambling component with real money and real payouts and you have the money grab of the century. Facebook stock will skyrocket.

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