How Trademarks Can Unlock Your Company’s Untapped Potential

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not having a trademark strategy. There are companies, big and small, that have few or even no trademark registrations. Many companies whole do have trademark portfolios aren’t managing them properly. There’s a huge benefit to establishing and protecting your brand, and a huge risk of costly mistakes by not doing so.

Your company should be aware of the power of trademarks and how they directly benefit the overall wellness of your business.

Stronger marketing

One purpose of marketing is to establish your brand and set your business apart from your competitors. When there’s confusion over your brand or your marketing, it’s money down the drain.

Your trademark strategy shouldn’t just be about protecting and tracking the intellectual property you have, but also defending it. We’ve previously talked about keeping your trademarks active, but one of the most important steps in doing so is to protect them from becoming generic. If another company infringes on your trademark, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to stop them to avoid the potential loss of your trademark.

Customer confidence

As they say, “competition breeds excellence.” Right now, there’s plenty of competition in business. It can be hard to get any elbow room on the market at times, but you can bet most if not all of the businesses at the top of their market have extensive trademark portfolios that are well-managed.

When you establish your intellectual property as your own and properly manage your strategy, the customers will notice. A brand that stands on its own and isn’t infringed upon will stand out from the crowd.

Value upon sale

Trademarks are assets. The more valuable assets that your business holds the more value your business generates. So, why would a business opt not to take advantage of a relatively simple and straightforward process to enhance value?

This question is particularly relevant when you decide to sell your business. If you’re able to showcase a well-maintained trademark portfolio to prospective buyers you will boost the overall value.

These are just a few of the many benefits of having an effective trademark strategy. At CLARK.LAW, we help businesses establish, manage, and strategize their intellectual property. Contact our team for a firm dedicated to the future of business law.

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