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Conventional wisdom tells us that legal online gambling – online poker in particular – is bound to appear on the US scene in the medium to near future.  One strong indicator in support of that is the convoy of US based casinos and gambling operators that are partnering up with existing online gaming companies (many based in Europe).  Some of these new partnerships are already offering online gaming options for US players.  In what form you may ask?

PLAY MONEY!!  Hey, before you dismiss – there’s big money in “social” gaming (i.e. games for adults that don’t involve money) right now.  Just ask Zynga.

According to, Chiligaming, the online gaming group, has announced a partnership deal with the Las Vegas hotel, Golden Nugget to launch a joint play-for-free online poker site, ahead of US legislation changes. A press release issued by The Golden Nugget said that the launch would take place some time within in the next quarter “in anticipation of the legalization of online gaming in the United States.”

According to the press release issued by The Golden Nugget, one of Vegas’ leading casinos and the biggest in the downtown area, “Chiligaming’s proprietary iGaming platform, which enables it to connect to any poker platform or gaming content provider, is a central feature of its US proposition and is designed to both facilitate swift entry into the market and maximize options for the Golden Nugget as the US regulatory and vendor landscape takes shape.”

Look – I don’t know anything about Chiligaming and I have never played on their platform, but I must admit a bit of skepticism around their claim that they can connect to “any poker platform or gaming content provider”.  I hope they prove me wrong, because that’s a pretty amazing feature if true.  If anyone out there knows more, please email me.

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