Resorts Gets It

Land-based casino owners (well, at least the ones who aren’t dumb jerks) seem to have finally turned away from the “old” way of thinking (circa the mid to late 2000s) that online gaming is a threat to their business.  Most of them have gradually been dragged (some kicking and screaming) into the 21st century way of thinking, which is that brick and mortar casinos can leverage online gaming to expand their business.  It has been inspiring to observe over time as casinos slowly begin building the bridge between the physical and the virtual gambling experience.
Who is leading the way?  Which casino is blazing this trail?  Are they located on the Vegas Strip?  California?  Macau?  Nope – the cutting edge of the online and offline gaming convergence can be found in the dying wasteland of Atlantic City.
Resorts Casino, the oldest in Atlantic City, recently announced the opening of a first of its kind digital iGaming lounge on its casino premises.  The Resorts iGaming lounge features social gaming communal tables and interactive lounge areas with tablet stands and touchscreen gaming tables.
The room will be completely dedicated to online gaming, and will help the property bridge the gap between Resorts brick & mortar brand experience and the company’s online offerings.  Jersey may have a savior, and its name is Resorts.

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