Uncle Sam Wants YOU

The Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office has advised that it has plans to seek out new and improved innovations from industry professionals in the field of weaponry. The Pentagon’s goal is to put its existing weapons to work in new and useful ways. This is all in an effort to keep one step ahead of other heavy-hitters such as Russia and China.  This is the first time the Pentagon has reached out for help in this manner.

Will Roper, Director of the Strategic Capabilities Office, says his team is looking for ideas they can use right away. Weapons that can be tested in the near future in new and applications could lead to new contracts for the private sector, and with those contracts likely comes quite a bit of money for potential contractors.
The SCO is working with an annual budget of close to $1 billion dollars in an effort to keep the United States a step ahead of the competition. The SCO was set up in 2012 after then deputy defense secretary Ash Carter felt that the United States was not in a position to remain a great military strength after fighting abroad for so many years.

Carter has set out several specific projects that have been developed by the SCO since its inception, including such tools as swarming drones and a defensive missile for use against enemy ships. He believes that a number of new projects can be rolled out within a couple of years, as a sort of fast-track to weapon advancement. By breathing new life into previously tapped out resources, the SCO appears to be looking to reestablish itself as a world super power, and they aren’t looking to waste any time.

Despite the clear need for secrecy, the SCO is now ready to create a deterrent effect by operating with more transparency, however the Pentagon will keep the best ideas classified. With any luck, the nation’s enemies will be unable to keep up with the SCO’s advancements and be less likely to develop weaponry to counteract that of the United States’ military forces.

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