What's the "Ultimate" Las Vegas Casino?

What’s the “Ultimate” Las Vegas Casino?  For some of you Las Vegas veterans (or residents), names like Bellagio or Caesar’s might immediately leap to mind.  Some might say Wynn or Rio, or relative newcomers like Cosmopolitan or Aria.  All are fine properties of course, but thanks to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, all eyes should be focused right now on Station Casinos.

Station Casinos owns Ultimate Gaming, which, through its website www.UltimateGaming.com, recently completed a successful 30-day trial of Ultimate Poker.  Ultimate Poker is the first online gaming website to operate in the US under a license granted by a US regulatory body.  (Don’t confuse Ultimate Poker with the scandal-ridden Ultimate Bet; the two are not related.)  Ultimate Poker is available only to players located within the state of Nevada.
It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Ultimate Poker.  Lack of customization options and programming glitches (like dealing two nines of spades on a flop) drew criticism from players.  Critics claimed that Ultimate Poker was more interested in being first to market than putting out a quality product.  (To be fair, this is a claim that could be made for almost any innovator who enters a new market first.)
Station Casinos is (at least for now) riding high on the approval of the Nevada regulators.  Players should be happy too – according to CardPlayer.com, cash deposits and withdrawals can be made at any of Station Casino’s 16 different properties scattered around Las Vegas.  These locations essentially act as 24/7 banks, able to take deposits and administer cash out requests at the cashier’s cage, making the funds available instantly.  No more wiring money by Western Union to a faceless hard to pronounce named individual in some developing country just to play a few sit n gos, which has been the post black friday mode of operation for hardcore US based online poker players.
Someday every major casino will have an online counterpart (or preferably, belong to or partner with an established online poker network) – Europeans are used to this concept already – but for now credit is due to Station Casinos for being the current front runners in the current online poker innovation race in Nevada.

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