Who Wants Legal Online Gambling in the US Anyway?

As it turns out, the answer is pretty much everyone.  A recent survey conducted in the USA regarding the opinions of the American population on legalized online gambling has revealed that 81 percent disagree with the current prohibition on the activity.  What propagandist rag published these findings you ask?  The Wall Street Journal’s Marketwire published the results of an internet survey of a random selection of 1000 internet users.

The survey concluded that the majority of Americans responding to the survey favored some form of legal online gambling on a Federal or State level.  So as not to skew the results the survey was outsourced to the “Google Insights” survey service and the questions appeared on a variety of news, reference, arts and entertainment websites.
It is interesting to note that although fewer than 7% of Americans have gambled online for real money within the past 12 months, a strong majority of Americans do not support the prohibition of online gambling. It is clear that US citizens favor a state-by-state approach or legalization at the federal level.

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