Future Federal Online Gambling Bill, AKA the Indian Removal Act of 2013

In the 18th and 19th centuries, European colonists introduced measles, smallpox, cholera, yellow fever, and many more devastating diseases to the Native American population. This drastically diminished the Native American population and annihilated entire villages.  In addition to this, the arrogant attitude of the ever-growing whites led to the embarrassing and unfortunate "Indian Removal Act" of 1830. That's all Read More

British Invasion – Round Two

Almost fifty years ago, a multitude of bands from the UK became popular in the US.  This phenomenon in the early and mid 1960s was referred to as the "British Invasion", and included such acts as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks. All signs point to an imminent "second wave" of Brits invading and controlling a ubiquitous segment of our popular culture.   This time it's not music - it's gambling. Two Read More

Loans to Players Holding up Full Tilt Deal?

Behnam Dayanim, the attorney for French investor Groupe Bernard Tapie, said recently that outstanding loans to players are part of the reason for GBT's purchase of infamous poker site Full Tilt being delayed.  When I first read that, I assumed these loans must have been small investments made to up and coming players trying to get their bankrolls established and their feet under them.  Imagine my surprise when I Read More

Caesar's best move in 2072 years

888, the largest casino and poker operator on the web, is giving the rest of the industry a clinic in how to prepare for the third (and almost certainly the biggest) wave of online gambling in the US.  888 has inked a deal with Caesars Interactive Entertainment and has already submitted a license application to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.  Online Casino Reports says "In the event that either the US federal Read More

More on the Barton Bill

In my opinion, the Barton Bill leaves a lot to be desired in terms of regulating online gaming in the US, but I support it for one simple reason - it's a step in the right direction. Having laws that are consistent and make logical sense should be a goal of any society. Laws that aren't logically congruent create confusion and unpredictability. For example, if you know that it is illegal in most situations to punch Read More

PPA Publishes Players' Funds Legal Guide

The Poker Players' Alliance has published a players' guide for players with un-refunded balances from Full Tilt and Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet.   The guide can be viewed and downloaded here. Read More

My Thoughts on the Barton Bill

I think an online gaming bill will pass in the near future (1-2 years). If Representative Barton's bill passes, it will likely do so only after a significant amount of negotiation and concessions. I have concerns, however, that players and operators aren't going to like whatever new online gambling laws are passed in the US - at least not at first. First of all, while I expect new laws to permit US persons to play Read More

Black Friday wasn’t about banning poker

April 15, 2011 is now commonly being referred to in the online gaming industry as "Black Friday" (not because of taxes being due, but because of the 11 individuals associated with three prominent Internet poker sites being charged with operating illegal gambling businesses in the US).  The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) immediately sprung into action with an email campaign declaring that the U.S. Department of Justice Read More

What does "Five on Sixteen" mean?

"Five on Sixteen" is a paraphrase of a line from a Ray Charles song called "Blackjack". I sat there with two tens I thought I'd have some fun The dealer hit sixteen with a five Just enough to make twenty one Hey hey hey yeah yeah How unlucky can one man be? I find that to be a fitting metaphor for what happened on April 15, 2011 (now being called poker's "Black Friday") to the online gambling industry.  Some of the Read More